is a new golf brand, focused on children and beginners.

A german business woman, mother of 4, and willing to begin playing golf with her children, had a hard time finding gear suited for them, so she decided to start her own brand. She convinced her golf pro to head the company she had just started and to elaborate a children’s collection and in the process, a brand new concept for the parents. To all ages, a size and a color...

Original in its conception as well as its communication, GOLF 36’S philosophy, is ahaed of its time and ludic. Our desire, "render golf accessible to all"... Golf in europe is an elitist sport, where prices are high and products change constantly. Our goal is to each year, offer to you the best prices and the widest range. In order to do that GOLF 36’S team is composed of golf market specialists, golf pros and designers. Involved in charity events related to handicaped children, GOLF 36 also focuses on "the game" of golf, by sponsoring young upcoming golf players.

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